Brewery and mead fermentation facility

Renovated and completely new museum exhibitions will complement the production facilities of the Brewery and the mead fermentation: two very traditional functions of the monastery. Visitors will be invited for a guided tour of the premises where beer and mead are being produced in a very authentic manner. Although current production and hygiene standards are incomparably stricter than centuries ago, the preserved local recipes will allow us to get the taste and smell of these beverages as monks used to prepare them. Once the production starts, beer and mead will be for sale not only in the local tavern “Pod lipami” but also in the museum shop – Cyprian’s pharmacy.

Časová os

  • Original state - ground floor E

    This is the way the ground floor looked like in the premises E at the end of 2019. In the future, it will accommodate the brewery and the mead fermentation facility.


  • We started right away at the beginning of 2020.

    Everything had been removed – floors, nets, tiles even the plaster.

  • The exhibition in the second courtyard.

    Once we could re-open the museum after anti-pandemic measures, we put up a small exhibition in the second courtyard presenting future design of the new brewery.