Digital detox camp

Thanks to the project Red Monastery – Reborn, a new space will be created on the first floor of the convent (building F) allowing for healing, meditations and relaxation, similar to the original ascetic way of life of the monks – spiritual fathers (digital detox camp). Five renovated and simply furnished rooms of monks will be designed for a stay focused on inner reflection and closer self-discovery, especially in the off-season period. If you intend to experience monastic life on your own, you can do so by staying in one of these rooms, which will be furnished much like in the times when monks used to live here in 17th century. During your stay, you may also take advantage of the opportunity to participate in some activities related to the functioning of the monastery.

Časová os

  • Original state - rooms of monks

    The hallway leading to the five rooms of the monks will be nicely restored and refurbished in a 60’s design. We shall pay respect to the designers half a century ago and restore the door frames, radiator covers and the like in their style.


  • Demolition of partitions and removal of old heating just started.

    Rooms will be completely refurbished and designed according to a new layout.

  • Door frames removed, partitions demolished.

    At the beginning of autumn 2020, the premises of the future “rooms of the monks” as well as the adjoining premises – the library, the fireplace room or the large meeting room – were prepared for the replacement of utilities and construction modifications. In these common rooms, the original design from the 60’s will be revived.