Refreshment – Krčma pod lipami (Pub under the Lime Tree)

The courtyard of Carthusian Monastery offers a refreshment in a Medieval 18th century pub. Apart from spiritual life, monks living in these quarters also devoted their time to beekeeping and cereal farming which came handy once they decided to brew their own beer served in the local monasterial pub. Being located nearby an important trade route, it offered people passing by, tradesmen and wayfarers an opportunity to sit down, get some refreshment and taste locally brewed beer.

Even today, after all those years, the pub is still serving its original purpose. It welcomes guests from many parts of the world to take a rest, enjoy a wonderful view of the picturesque hill Tri koruny (Three Crowns), refresh themselves and dine well.

Stylishly furnished taverna attracts tourists not only with an offer of simple meals, drinks, aperitives, coffee, snacks and cakes, but also with an opportunity to taste semi-dark beer Romuald, specially brewed for the monastery. This way, the museum is following tradition of beer brewing in the Monastery. Extraordinary taste of this 15°non-pasterised drink is enhanced by honey-dew honey coming right from the Zamagurie region.