Here you can monitor the progress of the project according to its most important activities. Click on the name of the activity under the flying monk Cyprian and you will see a timeline documenting the progress of the activity.

Although the pandemic has slowed us down, we are trying to catch up. Be with us.

New exhibitions

  • Beginning of works

    Since it takes a long time to prepare an exhibition which is sound and up-to-date, we decided to start right after the project was approved. The most important thing was to find the right people for the team.

  • Outburst of pandemic

    Although we only just started, pandemic put a halt to all our efforts – except for the part concerning new exhibition. We made use of our home-office time to find experts for the team and outline the design of the exhibition on history of the Red Monastery.

  • Partners of the exhibition on the history of the Red Monastery

    During the summer we had a series of meetings with representatives of the Stará Lubovňa Castle Museum, the Spiš Museum in Spišská Nová Ves and in autumn with the East Slovak Museum in Košice. We reached agreements with all of them and cooperation agreements are already being signed.

  • Authors of the libretto and exhibition script

    Mr. Peter Glos (texts and pictures for the main interactive exhibit) and Mr. Miroslav Števk, a historian (exhibition of the history of the Red Monastery) will be the authors of the libretto and the script of the exhibition.

  • The first variant of the scenario is ready.

    We started to comment on the first version of the scenario of the exhibition, which was sent to us by Mr. Števík, the historian of the Spiš Museum. We will soon meet on the spot and start working on the artistic and spatial solution of the exhibition.


    On Friday, May 7, together with the author of the script, we adjusted it to a form that will be part of the processing into the form of an artistic-spatial solution. There was also a small competition for a “unified visual style”, which determines the basic design parameters of all project outputs.

  • We are looking for a supplier of artistic and spatial design of the new exhibition.


    Today, we addressed 5 architects or companies designing museum exhibitions (and at the same time, we have published a call for proposals at our web page to provide us with artistic and spatial design of the new museum exhibition and propose a price for necessary project documentation. We are convinced we shall receive many great proposals!

Brewery and mead fermentation facility

  • Original state - ground floor E

    This is the way the ground floor looked like in the premises E at the end of 2019. In the future, it will accommodate the brewery and the mead fermentation facility.


  • We started right away at the beginning of 2020.

    Everything had been removed – floors, nets, tiles even the plaster.

  • The exhibition in the second courtyard.

    Once we could re-open the museum after anti-pandemic measures, we put up a small exhibition in the second courtyard presenting future design of the new brewery.


Monastic school

  • Original state - "common room".

    The largest room of the original school in nature – dining room and “dance floor”. Several generations of Bratislava children and youth had their first discos here.


  • Ready for restoration.

    New utilities, plasters and floors: space for the activities of the monastery school and the Cyprian’s manufactory. Hard to imagine as yet but from 2023, these premises will serve as training centre for the staff of the Monument’s Board & visitors of creative workshop will be able to make their own products from medicinal herbs.


Cyprian’s pharmacy and manufacture

  • Original state - former kitchen in the school in nature.

    Our demolition works started right here in May 2019.  Future “kitchen” will serve for preparation of different “meals”

  • Demolition of the ceiling

    Instead of starting from the bottom, we chose the ceiling…and continued with air-conditioning, and waste removal.

  • Removal of tiling.

    In the autumn, after the summer season, we carried on by removing the tiles from the walls.


  • Cleaned.

    In July 2020, we cleaned the entire area of the 1st floor, premises E and now, a company that won the tender, can come and start the renovation.



    Spring has finally arrived in the Red Monastery, so we were able to begin the planned modification and expansion of herb gardens within the ruins of the monk’s houses. The new soil, specially prepared and prepared for herbs, will expand the area under cultivation by several ares.

Digital detox camp

  • Original state - rooms of monks

    The hallway leading to the five rooms of the monks will be nicely restored and refurbished in a 60’s design. We shall pay respect to the designers half a century ago and restore the door frames, radiator covers and the like in their style.


  • Demolition of partitions and removal of old heating just started.

    Rooms will be completely refurbished and designed according to a new layout.

  • Door frames removed, partitions demolished.

    At the beginning of autumn 2020, the premises of the future “rooms of the monks” as well as the adjoining premises – the library, the fireplace room or the large meeting room – were prepared for the replacement of utilities and construction modifications. In these common rooms, the original design from the 60’s will be revived.


Project partners

  • Originally planned meeting with Norwegian partners

    At the beginning of May 2020, according to the original agreement, our Norwegian partners were to come to Slovakia to join us at our first meeting. We decided to postpone the meeting to the fall – end of September and beginning of October.

  • Striving to make our first meeting come true

    At the beginning of September, we contacted our Norwegian partners again. We discussed the possibilities of their travels to Slovakia for a meeting in the Red Monastery – via Krakow or Vienna. At that time, the Government of the Kingdom of Norway recommended that its citizens travel abroad only in the most urgent cases. Therefore, we decided, also with regard to the pandemic situation during that month, to postpone the meeting until the time when the vaccine is available. However, we will try to get in touch via video conferencing on the occasion of the launch of the new museum website.


    A video conference was held with our project partners. We agreed on the framework and frequency of meetings in this form. We very much believe that we could meet in person at the Red Monastery in the autumn. Until then, we will develop a joint work: a set of arguments for advocacy of cultural heritage.