New exhibitions

Primary ambition of the Carthusian’s monastery in Červený Kláštor is to operate as a museum, a place that aims to bring the rich past of the monastery and its surroundings closer to its visitors. Key exhibition undertaken as one of the project activities, called History of the Red Monastery is being designed in an engaging and playful way, using state-of-the-art museum technology. It tells a story about the monastery, memorable members of the two monastic orders that worked here, and milestones which mark the history of this magical place.
Following will be a brief presentation of the Monks’ orders in Slovakia in the form of several stands. In fact, the Camalduls and Carthusians, two monastic orders that contributed to the establishment of this important monastic complex on the border of Poland and Slovakia were not the only ones to introduce and spread religion and education, to care for the weakest and most vulnerable ones or bring crafts and other skills from all over Europe. We will introduce and describe the most important monastic orders that have worked in our country for centuries.
For decades, the monastery complex has been run by the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic. The scope of this agency’s activities and the work that its employees have been carrying out for more than a century to protect the Slovak monuments along with its mission and objective of preserving movable and immovable monuments will be presented by an engaging exhibition rich in its content and form History of Monuments Conservation in Slovakia.

Časová os

  • Beginning of works

    Since it takes a long time to prepare an exhibition which is sound and up-to-date, we decided to start right after the project was approved. The most important thing was to find the right people for the team.

  • Outburst of pandemic

    Although we only just started, pandemic put a halt to all our efforts – except for the part concerning new exhibition. We made use of our home-office time to find experts for the team and outline the design of the exhibition on history of the Red Monastery.

  • Partners of the exhibition on the history of the Red Monastery

    During the summer we had a series of meetings with representatives of the Stará Lubovňa Castle Museum, the Spiš Museum in Spišská Nová Ves and in autumn with the East Slovak Museum in Košice. We reached agreements with all of them and cooperation agreements are already being signed.

  • Authors of the libretto and exhibition script

    Mr. Peter Glos (texts and pictures for the main interactive exhibit) and Mr. Miroslav Števk, a historian (exhibition of the history of the Red Monastery) will be the authors of the libretto and the script of the exhibition.

  • The first variant of the scenario is ready.

    We started to comment on the first version of the scenario of the exhibition, which was sent to us by Mr. Števík, the historian of the Spiš Museum. We will soon meet on the spot and start working on the artistic and spatial solution of the exhibition.


    On Friday, May 7, together with the author of the script, we adjusted it to a form that will be part of the processing into the form of an artistic-spatial solution. There was also a small competition for a “unified visual style”, which determines the basic design parameters of all project outputs.

  • We are looking for a supplier of artistic and spatial design of the new exhibition.


    Today, we addressed 5 architects or companies designing museum exhibitions (and at the same time, we have published a call for proposals at our web page to provide us with artistic and spatial design of the new museum exhibition and propose a price for necessary project documentation. We are convinced we shall receive many great proposals!