The project “Red Monastery – reborn”, which is implemented by the Monuments Office of the Slovak Republic as a predefined project, received a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in the amount of 1.1 mil. € through EEA Grants. The project is co-financed in the amount of 165 thousand € from the state budget of the Slovak Republic. It is implemented within the program “Entrepreneurship in the field of culture, cultural heritage and cultural cooperation” and has the potential to fundamentally change the current form of two buildings and other selected parts of the Carthusian monastery.

Apart from monuments restoration of the two sites, new content and functions will be added to remind the visitors about its historical legacy. The restoration and new functional content of part of the monastery buildings should ensure the capacity not only to maintain the acquired form but also to generate revenues that would allow for further continuation of this restoration process.

The main aim of the project is, on the one hand, to make the buildings E and F of the monastery complex (farm building & convent) significantly more attractive for visitors by providing them experiential visit to a cultural – historical monument and on the other hand to create conditions for training activities in the field of monument protection. Visitors will have a hands-on opportunity to experience selected activities of the former life of monks. Moreover, general public and experts will be able to make use of outdoor school, museum and specialised facility of the Slovak Monuments Board. All of them will be presented as an innovative form of the original ones dating back many centuries or just several decades.

The project therefore aims at the “rebirth” of selected original important functions of the monastery: beer and mead production (monastery brewery and mead fermentation plant), production of medicinal plant products (Cyprian’s pharmacy/manufactory), educational activities for children and families (Monastery school), providing space for deeper and longer introspection and meditation without significant interventions of civilization (Digital detox camp). However, newly opened premises should also serve as attractive space for training activities for monuments protection professionals (PÚSR Training Center – ČK) and provide visitors with a completely redesigned, modern and visitor-attractive museum exhibition. The project is implemented in cooperation with Norwegian partners – recognized organizations active in the field of cultural heritage protection in the Kingdom of Norway: Norsk Kulturvarv and Fortidsminneforeningen – National Trust of Norway.

The project implementation period is 36 months starting on January 27th, 2020 and ending on  January 27th, 2023. The total amount of funds earmarked for the project is EUR 1,1 mil. 

Supported by the peoples of Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway throught the EEA Grants. Co-financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic.

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

To find out more specific information about project activities, see 3D models of the monastery designed by the Department of Digitization and Graphic Documentation of the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic.


Časová os

  • Public procurement announced.

    The essential activity of the whole project is the renovation of parts of the buildings E and F of the monastery, within which almost all other activities of the project are to be implemented. Today, VO was published on the UVO portal for the replacement of complete parts of engineering networks and appropriate building modifications.

  • Procurement failed.

    Today was the deadline for submitting bids as part of our call. Unfortunately, no one signed up. We will analyze why this happened and we will quickly launch a new challenge.

  • New public procurement for the renovation of the E & F monastery buildings.

    The call for tender: “Renovation of the E & F buildings of the Red Monastery Museum” within the project “Red Monastery – reborn.” Funded as a predefined project with the number CLTPP002 from the EEA Grants program “- was published today in the Official Gazette.

    We believe that this time we will be successful!

  • We were successful!

    Today, we signed a Work Contract with the winner of the competition for the company facilitating refurbishment of the premises E & F. The winner is a local company titled SLOVDACH, s. r. o from Stará Ľubovňa. It is a company with many years of experience in renewal of sights. We shall start on September 16, 2021!

  • Herb garden renewed.

    Herb gardens of the friar Cyprian got a new look. Paved sidewalks, mended remnants of the walls on monks’ little houses where gardens are being situated, but mainly a new information system! Six boards are carrying basic information about garden herbs: their names and the type of treatment they can be used for. Another 40 boards carry information about individual herb beds.