In the immediate vicinity of the Carthusian monastery in Červený Kláštor, there are several excellent places which, in addition to the monastery itself, are worth visiting.
First of all, it is the possibility of rafting the river Dunajec on a wooden raft from Červený Kláštor to the village of Lesnica. You can choose from several options and all the more information can be found here:,,

If you like hiking, you will definitely not miss the opportunity to climb the majestic hill Tri koruny, which rises above the monastery from behind the Dunajec on its Polish side. All you have to do is go to the center of Červený Kláštor, cross the Dunajec with a footbridge to Poland and take a right down the street in Stromowce Nižne, where you will come across a sign that will take you to the view from Three Crowns to 982 meters above sea level. You will have the monastery in front of you like in the palm of your hand.

It is a steep path to the top of Tri Koruny – but there is also something no less breathtaking on the plain: a two and a half hour walk in front of the monastery gate to the point near the village of Lesnica, where Dunajec definitely enters in Poland is a great way to discover the beauty of the Pieniny National park. The breakthrough of the Dunajec is a great hike or on foot, by bike or, if we are lucky enough to have a good winter, also on cross-country skis.

After the hikes, rest will certainly be good. In addition to a relaxing and detox stay in our monastery rooms, which have been inhabited by Carthusian monks for centuries, there is another option – the Red Monastery – Smerdžonka spa. It is quite well documented that both monastic orders – like the Carthusians and after them Kamalduli – devoted themselves to the cultivation and collection of medicinal plants, the production of medicines and the treatment of the sick. They also began to use the first local mineral water in healing practice. You can try where this tradition has progressed on your own.