Gmina Ochotnica Dolna

Being a municipality belonging to the district of Nowy Targ, Gmina Ochotnica Dolna is located in the territory of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship in the southern part of the Republic of Poland. With a population of 8,500, the cadastre of the Gmina takes up 141 square kilometres. Situated in the beautiful mountainous surrounding, Gmina is also considered the longest village in Poland due to its length of 20 km. It was founded in 1416 by the Polish king Wladislav Jagiello and its first settlers were Wallachian shepherds.

Administratively, Gmina Ochotnica Dolna is divided into 4 municipalities: Ochotnica Dolna, Ochotnica Dolna – Mlynne, Ochotnica Gorna and Tylmanová. It is in Tylmanová, above the left bank of the river Dunajec, that the classicist manor house (yard) of the Berský family stands. As part of the project subsidised from Interreg – V-A Poland – Slovakia in the budget period 2014 – 2020, this historic building, together with the adjacent park will undergo major restoration.

Their restoration and functional revitalization along with the construction and technical restoration of the Carthusian Monastery and the monastery garden in the Slovak village of Červený Kláštor amounted to an interesting and attractive joint project, which received funding and will be implemented on both sides of the Dunajec River in 2020 – 2