About the project

“In the Dunajec Valley – protection and restoration of sights on Polish – Slovak border: a courtyard in Tylmanová and the monastery in Červený Kláštor municipality this long title defines a project subsidised as part of the Operational Programme V – A Poland – Slovakia 2014 – 2020 (Interreg).

The project was designed, submitted and successfully implemented by Gmina Ochotnica Dolna and the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic.

The project, largely implemented from Interreg Poland – Slovakia funds (85%), will significantly contribute to the renovation of the monastery complex and improve the conditions of stay and services for its visitors. Last but not least, it will also increase the attractiveness not only of the Zamagurie region but also the entire Slovak – Polish border.

The part of the project focusing on the Carthusian monastery in Červený Kláštor will bring about several improvements. The most significant of them is the construction and technical renovation of a substantial part of the historic buildings of the monastery complex: facades, roofing, exterior doors and windows. Visitors routes and technical facilities will be built or restored to remove barriers for persons with disabilities (those with visual or hearing impairment as well as intellectually challenged), including the museum exhibition of the monastery.

The current park, which is situated in front of the main gate of the monastery, will undergo substantial makeover to acquire its original historic monastic garden form with sidewalks, small architecture and an artistic sculpture depicting the monk Cyprian.

Jointly, the project partners will convene conferences, design publications and also make a film and organise several educational, information and promotional events; all of them dedicated to the cultural and natural heritage of the Red Monastery.

Due to the current epidemiological situation, the project implementation planned for a period of 30 months was postponed by 12 months. Thus, it will last from 1. November 2019 to 31. March 2022. The total amount granted for the renovation of the Red Monastery buildings as part of this project is €958,523.60.